Wally’s Great Adventures (19)

Wally’s Great Adventures (19). hello everyone, wally here. figured i had better report out as i may have to report dad to the authorities. i thought he loved me, yet he dragged me outside into the freezing cold and there was some kind of white ash falling from the sky, hopefully not the nuclear kind. help me god! i.did.not.like.this. just look at the 3rd photo. itchy girly jacket on top of falling ash and freezing cold – that is sheer terror you are staring at. I’m not sure that i will recover from this. nor did i like dad posting a picture of me peeing and then posting it globally (#2). i mean really dad, is there no red line? he said he warned me, that if i didn’t stand still for the shot, the pee pee shot was going up. no chance i was standing in all that falling radiation. And it’s not just me thats after dad. mom said that dad has been putting words in my mouth and making her look bad in these posts… Dad snapped back and said that she will no longer be mentioned as part of my stories – SHE’S OUT he said.. (i thought i decided that, but dad is king and has veto power.) then eric came home with his gr…grrrr….grrrrrrl friend, and he said that my last post was lame. LAME HE SAID?!? Then dad asked dana, eric’s gr…grrrr..grrrrrl friend, what she thought and she said ‘tame.’ TAME SHE SAID!? so dad said we’ll see tamo, lamo very soon and they’ll all be ducking for cover. when dad gets like this it is best to stay out of his way. Anyhoo, ive dried off now, warmed up from the nightmare a few minutes ago, and i’m ready for a nap. goodnight everyone. Wally.   



  1. glad you survived it all, and I actually think you look quite smart in your jacket, reminding me of Sherlock Holmes a bit

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  2. Sleep well little guy (that’s Wally, Dave – you are the towering paterfamilias). Fair enough about the pee-pee pix – those are only really good for future blackmailing opportunities (to show your grrrrrrlllfriend, tho arguably your future girlfriend would find it endearing). But the radioactive ash is safe of puppies (do you really think your dad would willingly go outside if it was dangerous to man and pup?) and your jacket is very very handsome – not an ounce of gender preference to be found…

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  3. I love your jacket! You look so adorable in it and it will keep you warm over the winter. We don’t get snow (or radioactive fallout) here but it sometimes rains and Dot and Lia hate it. Today we had to get a raincoat for Lia. (Dot already has one) I will remind them next time it rains, that at least it’s not snow! Keep warm little buddy. xo

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  4. Ahhh Wally, you are discovering the joys of winter in New England. Just wait til the snow gets so deep that you can jump in a drift and completely disappear (then we’ll see how cocky Dad is with his threats…he’ll be diving in to rescue you lickety split). And not for nothing but I think your jacket is positively urbane.

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  5. Actually, YOU look positively urbane, not your jacket. 😉

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  6. Love the jacket. In fact, I have matching pajama pants.

    Dad better start sleeping with one eye open, and peeing with the door locked.

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  7. Hey Wally Bud! It’s Beau here (I drop all that stuffy ‘Sir’ dawga dawga with those I really like — and I like you bud!) You got style and class and balls (at least for now – these hoomans have this weird ritual which I’m not going to share here as you’re too young to know what they’ve got planned but be forewarned, if you don’t like the white ash stuff you DEFINITELY won’t like this!) — anyway, you got a lot goin’ for ya’, not like that grouchy hooman of yours who doesn’t understand your sole job in life is to create joy in his.

    Dawggone it Wally, you sure got a tough one there. Gettin’ your hooman to know joy is gonna be a long, long road for ya little guy! Thing is, the greater the hardship, the greater reward so I’m expectin’ one day (okay one LOOOOONG day) in the very distant future that hooman of yours is actually going to laugh and smile at your not standing still for pix and he’ll even give you a cuddle.

    One day, Wally. One day. Don’t give up. ‘Tis the season of hope, love and joy and all that jazz so keep spreading your winsome ways — oh and as to that pee pic. Waaaaay out of line. Absolutely poor sportsmanship on the hooman’s part – heck! You peed outside. What more does he want?

    Keep your chin up little guy and your balls warm. Good thing that ritual thingie is months away! You’re gonna need them as long as you got ’em with this hooman.

    Signed, your faithful friend in Canada,

    Sir Beaumont of Sheepadoodle

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  8. I can’t blame Wally. I don’t care for that “ash” either, even though it’s pretty to look at from a distance. He’ll learn to appreciate that little coat – looks so cute in it.

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  9. Those first couple of photos look like shots from an intense action film, starring Wally the adventure doggo 😂


  10. I just pictured Arnold Schwarzenegger saying, “Girly jacket.” 😂 (You’d like Arnold, Wally — he’s a little like your dad.)

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  11. Seems like Caleb is taking a back seat to Wally.


  12. I love your English Gentleman‘s coat – although i wonder from time to time why on earth ALL dogs seem to wear coats when for decencies and centuries they were ‚tough‘ enough to be just as God created them some (long) time ago. Were dogs, like humans, getting softer and weaker over time?

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  13. Adogable!

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