Wally’s Great Adventures (20)

hello peeps, wally here. Laila, love her name, suggested that we re-name my handle to “Wally The Adventure Doggo.” i like it, a lot, and this is coming from a PhD student who reads Dostoevsky and Woolf in her spare time, and is way smarter than dad, so i pay attention, i’m noodling it.

anyhoo, re: video. volume up and stick to the end. mom said that its holiday baking time, so i helped her bake oatmeal cookies…she said that i must keep my little tongue in my mouth as i cant drool in the mixing bowl. dad said i cant talk about mom in my posts because she’s banned from limiting free speech.

oh, there’s more. rachel says i look like a large baked potato. name calling like that, that’s just not right. dad said she keeps it up, she’ll be on the banned list too.

i helped dad unwrap, yes, you heard it right, unwrap eric’s xmas present, because dad couldn’t wait, yes, dad couldn’t wait to open eric’s xmas present. mom yelled at dad calling him a man-child. oops, now dad is yelling at me because mom is banned from mention on this site.

finally, i am very good at finding sunlight on the floor and then taking naps in it. that last shot is of me laying in what eric calls the sunbox. I love the sunbox, it is warm like mom. oops, there i go mentioning mom again, need to be careful or i could be banned too. it’s nap time. good night everyone. Wally.


  1. His tongue is tasting the flavours that waft up from the mixer. What a cutie he is. You must not censor him. It’s against the Constitution. He can say whatever he wants.


  2. Rachel, you are right!

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  3. thanks for helping to make the cookies, show what a big boy you are compared to the potatoes, and for using the sunlight. it is clear that the household could not run without you.

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  4. He shows his delicate, discerning palate – and from one so young!!


  5. I agree with Wally about sun boxes and the joy they bring. Whenever I go to open my door outside, I stop and bask in the heat trapped between the storm door and the house door. It’s like a mini sauna in the winter sun. One of my favorite parts of the season.

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  6. I almost spat my coffee 😂😂😂
    Such cute photos!! And I really love Wally the Adventure Doggo’s tone. I think the more he writes, the more he develops his own distinctive style 😆

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  7. Wally, you are the cutest potato I have ever seen. xo

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  8. Commented on twitter

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  9. Sorry, that was IG

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