Wally’s Great Adventures (15)

hello everyone. wally here. tgif!  guess what day it was? no, silly, not hump day. its cleaning day. mom found me in the closet on top of the swiffer box and she put me to work. i have noticed that dad is no where to be found on cleaning day, i think the real work is always done by mom since dad is the king.  i love mom. shes so nice. back to cleaning. while i was responsible for swiffing with the swiffer, she was running something called a vacuum, what a horrible, nasty and ugly machine.  i needed to save mom so i barked at it and kept biting the hose. for some reason mom kept telling me to stop it and that wasn’t nice when i was trying to save her. thats me below with the swiffer. i like to say swiffer. see how focused i am with the swiffer.

after we finished vacuuming and swiffing, we had to take the laundry out the dryer. there was the rug from dads office that i pee-peed on. i decided i would take the rug out of the dryer and bring it into dads office so he can see what a good boy i am…but it was so heavy, and i needed mom’s help.

then mom put the rug down in dads office, and oh my god, OH.MY.GOD. have you ever laid down on a rug that just came out of the dryer.  it is so warm. it felt so good on my belly. and.what. is.that.beautiful.smell. mom said downy. i love downy as much as i love mom. OMG. i’m just going to drive my nose into this rug and keep it there forever. so friends, its my bedtime. i’m helping mom with christmas decorations tomorrow. i’m so excited i can hardly get to sleep. good night. wally and out.


  1. Greetings Mr. Kanigan! I discovered your blog completely by accident (pre-Wally) a few months back and I love reading your blog. I just wanted you to know that you and Wally have a new fan! Warm Regards – Paul

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  2. Oh wow, you had me worried there for a moment, with you and that rug!!! 😉
    And wow again; Christmas decoration with Wally’s help?! THAT will be interesting… I don’t know if your mum and dad are hanging chocolate ornaments in the tree as we did in earlier years, but in that case: Don’t steal them from the tree, don’t eat them and – most importantly – do not sh*t under the tree, amongst the presents….. it smells horrible. Just some advice from your long deceased dachsie sister Tiggie…

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  3. you two had a very busy day, and more to look forward to today! how did it ever all get done without you?!

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  4. Wally, you are one busy little dude. I know Mom appreciates your help…things *always* go more quickly when a puppy is lending a hand…and I am right there with ya on things fresh out of the dryer. The. Best. Your Lab buddy Beau loves nothing more than to hit mom and dad’s freshly made bed, snuggling in right among all the pillows. He knows Mom washes the sheets just for him. ☺️


  5. You look ferocious with the Swiffer in your mouth.
    Thank you for saving Mommy ❤️


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    Wally SMILE … after a day of work, one must rest!! LOL …


  7. Patrice Werner says:

    It warms my heart that Wally (you) write daily loving and respectful comments about your wife, the queen. I don’t have a doggie but I’m getting plenty of joy reading about all the great adventures of Wally. Grateful.

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  8. Wally you are an assistant of humans… But with you it seems to me impossible to work because you are so lovely to break the works… Thank you, Love, nia


  9. Oh Wally, you look adorable with your cute little behind, trying to get the rug out of the dryer. It’s a good thing it’s washable! (The rug. not your behind, well maybe your behind too.)


  10. Someone is having the most wonderful life! And, all creatures need a purpose so how thoughtful that you’re included in home maintenance!

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  11. This could be a Swiffer ad 🤣

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  12. Mommy’s little helper, you are.


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