Wally’s Great Adventures (8).

hello everyone. wally here. it’s 1:30 am and dad just took me out to go pee pee. it threw me off as dad never gets up, it’s mommy that does all the work. i really didn’t know what to make of it. i barked a little, hoping mom would stir. she didn’t. i think she was in shock too. dad held me close to his chest as he carried me downstairs. he didn’t say anything but i could feel his heart go pitter patter. he has one, a heart that is, i heard it, that made me happy. its dark out and dad told me to ‘hurry up, go pee pee and not screw around, it’s cold out here.’ i sniffed the grass, there was either rabbit or raccoon rummaging around here. i walked further out in the yard sniffing to see if i could track them down, and dad followed, in his bare feet, white t-shirt, and sleep shorts. ‘wally, pee-pee, now!” dad was right, that wind from the north was cold, i squatted like a girl, went pee-pee and ran back to the door. dad said ‘sort of good job wally but i’m going to have to teach you how to pee pee like a man.” next time dad goes to pee i’m going to watch and learn. mom said that a cold front is coming in, and they are calling for 5 feet of snow in buffalo. i don’t really know what snow is and what it has to do with buffalo’s, but mom told me i better come to love my prickly sweater. mom took the pictures here. i found that when i run inside from the cold, i can sit on the heater vent and warm my tooshy. it feels so warm and so good. so that’s all everyone. i have to get back to bed now. have a great friday! tgif!


  1. More important, Wally, you need to learn to wait until the morning to go pee pee.

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  2. sounds like the two of you are making some progress and brilliant strategy about the heating vent

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  3. Oh Wally. I seem to start every comment now with Oh Wally…..
    So, it’s established herewith, dad has a heart…. I’m sure glad to see that you’re right about that important fact. You see, dad is like a dog: barking but not biting. That’s what we say in Switzerland 🇨🇭 about ppl like him. Not much honey covered sweetness, but we’ll hidden a huge heart. Lesson well learnt.
    2nd: You now know that going outside always also means doing your business. I shouldn’t worry about peeing like the girls
    That bit you’ll learn very quickly all on your own and lift your leg soon at every corner. So let dad have his private moment a bit longer.
    You’re doing fine and sleeping on the vent is indeed a wonderful ✨️ thing to enjoy. ❤️

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  4. Zut alors…. it’s WELL hidden of course. Writing on the phone is not good for my eyes and telephone decides all on its own to ‘correct’ my writing. Especially as this is not a thinking gadget and chooses any which word from the three languages spoken at all times, even though auntie changed the keyboard to English. Luckily, little dogs 🐕 have no problem with tech stuff, because you guys have super hearing, an excellent nose and a mind blowing feeling for your new parents” feelings. All SO much more important than ‘autocorrect’.
    (Now I need to lay down and rest my eyes! 🙈)

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  5. Good job with the outside work, Wally! And we all knew you’d discover Dad’s heart before long. It’s quite large, he just conceals it with a lot of bluster. 😉 And that heating vent strategy is wicked smart. I spent many hours of my youth parked on the big heating vents in our home, reading book upon book with the warm air blowing up in my face. Perfect. Thanks for reviving such a warm memory for me… You’re a nugget. 💕💕

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  6. Way to go Wally! And, if it’s any consolation to you and you can tell your dad to get over it, Zeke most often pee pee’d “like a girl” – mostly when he was old, but still. No big whup. The important thing is you do it outside and as you get older, you won’t have to wake up at stupid o’clock like your old man does…
    And we all knew he had a humongous heart and Lori said it… lots of bluster trying to cover it up.


  7. Awwww Wally…you deserve a hundred snuggles just for peeing as quickly as you could…not sure whether we have re-think what peeing like a guy looks like, you have little legs and lifting one can throw off your balance. I think your guy-enough to squat…and smart enough to wear your sweater when it’s so cold outside (perhaps your dad might want to take a hint from you when it comes to winter fashion)..

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  8. Wally, check again please.
    Are you sure it’s a heart you heard?

    Also, good job letting mommy sleep ❤️

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  9. What the hell? Lori and I don’t merit responses to our wonderful comments?

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  10. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Awww, Wally!! … “I found that when i run inside from the cold, i can sit on the heater vent and warm my tooshy. it feels so warm and so good.”

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  11. Temps have suddenly dropped hard in TO… I might try napping on the radiator, too. Thanks for the tip, Wally.

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  12. Oh those middle-of-the-night business trips! Don’t worry. It will get better. Wally is a smart dog. He has figured out the heater vents. So cute! He makes me smile every time.

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