Wally’s Great Adventures (6)

hello everyone. wally here. guess what? my big brother sully came to visit. mom said he’s not my brother but he’s my cousin. dad said that we came from the same mother. mom said that’s not true, and that he didn’t know what he was talking about. but since dad is always right, he said that sully is my brother and that was that. back to sully. he’s giant. i mean GIANT. i can’t wait to grow up to be that big. dad wrestles with him and plays tug-o-war with my toys. i run into the middle of their ruff-housing and dad shoos me away saying I’m too little and will get hurt. i bark at him, who’s he calling little. mom calls me over, and tells me that I will get hurt so I go and sit on mamma’s lap like a baby, little baby mamma’s boy. sad. sully is like a super frenchie. with a running start he can jump straight up onto the ottoman and then to the top of the couch.  i follow right behind him and bang my head on the side of the ottoman and fall backwards. dad comes running to pick me up and asks me if I’m ok. sully growls at me. dad says not to worry, as all dogs get jealous with the dog whisperer. i didn’t know what he was talking about but mom grumbled something about being delusional and this is what she has to look forward to in his retirement. sully has his own water bowl, it’s so much bigger than mine and the water tastes so much better in his bowl. i want a big bowl like sully’s but mom won’t let me as i keep stepping in the water bowl and spilling the water all over the floor. mom says not to worry as this must be a genetic influence from dad.  sully lets mom put on his sweater without a fuss, so i did too, as i want to be a big boy like sully. dad said that my sweater looked a bit tight, like a bodycon that women wear. i didn’t think that was nice so I barked at him.  dad said that sully’s sweater would be good camouflage in the woods, but with my red foo-foo hoodie, that for sure a hawk would mistake me for edible vermin. one last thought as it is almost nap time. i poo-pooed in the kitchen yesterday, and pee-peed 3x on the rugs, the rugs are so soft on my little paws when I’m pushing it out (and I don’t have to go out in the cold and wet grass). mom did not look that happy, no where near as happy as when i go poo poo in the backyard and she jumps up and down as if she won the california lottery. dad said that mom needed to bone up her dog training skills, as did she notice that i don’t crap all over the house on his watch, dog whisperer that he is. sully and i are sleepy so we are going to take a nap now. ok everyone, have a great week!



  1. Kevin Byrnes says:

    Loving the introduction to his new life and look forward to the upcoming adventures!

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  2. sounds like a full day with the big guy and a lot of teaching of the parents, exhausting !

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  3. Double trouble, double love!!

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  4. Aww Wally, stick with your mom – sounds like she’s the dog whisperer to me…It can’t be your dad, because he’s too loud 😉. One thing for sure – you are an adorable little guy with two parents who love you like crazy and an older wonder dog who will learn to love you…

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  5. Training the parental unit is hard work, Wally. Ya got to let them have a win now and then to keep ‘em motivated,but you’re clearly an intuitive little fella, so I know you got this. And Sully is indeed a handsome role model. Know you’ll be a big boy just like him in no time. Keep the faith and enjoy the cuddles. Moms are good that way. And worry not, despite dad’s grumbling, he’s wicked happy you’re home. 🥰

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  6. This all sounds about right, Wally. But you must really learn to control your ‘outgoings’…. ’cause that’s not adding any brownie points to your career.
    You and Sully will be best buddies in no time. And your hooman parents are already in love with you on such a level that you’re literally firmly engraved in their 💞.
    A great post Wally Boy 🙃

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  7. Another tip from this mum here, one I give to every new born baby: You”ve got to have a lot of patience with your new parents; they don’t know how to treat you, the new prince on the block. So give them time, they’ll learn!

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  8. You are too adorable for words, Wally. And don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of things in time. (Best work on the inside poo-poo and peeing, though. That’s not the best way to get in your parent’s good graces. Show them you’re smart as well as adorable).

    I do love the “repartee” between your folks…

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  9. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Awwww!! Wally and Sully!! … “hello everyone. wally here. guess what? my big brother sully came to visit. mom said he’s not my brother but he’s my cousin.”

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  10. Wonderful! They’re both so handsome.

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  11. Fantastic virtual story! thanks for sharing. Bye. Kamila

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  12. …think I’m enjoying this adventure as much as the Kanigans! After all the misadventures regarding evacuations, how sweet to see the two guys on that so inviting, so pristine blanket. (Does Wally think that Mom is such a softie that he can get away with pooping wherever he wants to when she’s in charge?)

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  13. You’d better be careful. That Wally is telling tales “out of school.” He thinks he’s so cute he can do that. (I guess he is.)


  14. So funny and wise.

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  15. Adorable times 10! Even with the peeing on the rug….

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  16. niasunset says:

    Wally, Lovely Wally we are all experiencing with you too… You are so lovely, I want to imagine we take a dog too… How sounds nice but my Love says No nia, no! Cats, our Little BIG cats have already taken us captive anyway, this would definitely be a third world in our house and I’m very tired… all the work will be left to me then, no nia… Thank you Wally being with us, Blessing and Happiness, Love, nia

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