Wally’s Great Adventures (2)

good morning everyone. it’s week 2 with my new mom and dad. i’ve had so much fun. but let me first explain why i’m hiding under the chair. dad said big boys don’t wear sweaters…and that i’m not going to grow up to be a circus monkey. and he warned me not to get him torqued up on this gender thing. but i was cold, and mom saw me shivering, so she put on my sweater and i hid under the chair so people wouldn’t see me being a monkey. back to mom, she is so nice. and warm. dad told mom she was creating something called a dependency. i don’t know what that means, but i never want to leave mom’s lap.  2 nights ago, dad lifted me off her lap grumbling about me being a mama’s boy, i tried to wriggle out of his hands and i fell to the ground from way up high. it hurt a little, but not too much, but i was limping trying to shake it off. mom started to cry. that lit dad up about her being at fault because i can’t be away from her for 3 seconds. and then she yelled back at him saying ‘you’ve got to be kidding me.’ he didn’t look like he was joking. and then he mumbled something about needing pet insurance. i barked at him and told him i didn’t plan to run away, that i love it here.  mom told me she was going to yoga today and that i had to stay with dad and i needed to be a good boy.  i went upstairs with dad to his office and he was on a zoom call with work friends.  i was bored sniffing around his office so i piddled a little bit on dad’s white carpet, ok, maybe more than a little bit. dad turned to look, and he didn’t look all too happy, pointing at me and telling me not to move. i sat there like a good boy staring at the big yellow spot on his carpet. it looked so pretty, i can’t understand why dad was so upset. dad said he had to end his call early to clean up my mess, and if i wasn’t so darn cute, i’d be in time out like forever. so that’s about all for now. it’s lunch time. and just wait until next time when I tell you what my dad does for me for lunch. he can be nice when he wants to be. dad said he may take me to a magical place this weekend called cove island park. i can’t wait! tgif everyone! have a nice weekend.


  1. These are great David. He is being brought up perfectly! How long before he is sleeping on your bed?


  2. I think he needs to take over Wednesdays.  Camels are fun but not as much as himself.  Just a thought. 

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  3. so tiny. I’ve read they can overheat fast. it’s been a long tine since I read about them. I wanted one att he begginning of Covid but so glad we have my spoiled baby Jet.


  4. You are so in love already, David.


  5. Oh my! That face! You are learning fast my furry friend.


  6. So he loves to cuddle and just soak in the love. Funny that in the picture of him hiding behind the chair, he looked sad to me…common’ David, keep saying “good boy” and meaning it! [I think we all want to see more and more of Wally.]


  7. It would be hard to teach this dog anything. I mean, how do you say no to something that cute?


  8. what dad didn’t understand was that you were just trying to create a work of art though he didn’t get it and wanted to clean it up right away maybe one day he’ll get it


  9. Wally, brace yourself: There may have to be TWO of you.. While awaiting the jury on that, remind your Dad (only if you HAVE to) that everyone in this life piddles –or worse!– on one’s best everything and thus, temporary puppy-piddle is overall to be preferred (if it HAS to be).😉 Love you, little guy!♥️


  10. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Awesome!! … “it’s week 2 with my new mom and dad!”


  11. Oh my goodness, my life is immensely enriched with Wally’s diaries 😅


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