Sully’s Great Adventures (VI)

5:45 a.m. Grandpa had to roust me from bed this morning. i was so sleepy. it was so warm under the covers. while he was getting ready, i crawled back in my little bed in his office. Grandpa picked me up and took me downstairs and put on my rain jacket.

i ran into my crate hoping he would change his mind about this walking thing. it’s way too early. Grandpa never changes his mind. he is always right. so, off we went. Grandpa took me off leash and told me “if there was any funny business, i would be locked in my crate all day.” I looked up at him and gave him my sad eyes. He would never do that to me. i went running down the beach ahead of Grandpa. Grandpa saw me limping and asked what was wrong. i tried to pull out the thorn that lodged itself in my paw with my teeth. I couldn’t get it. Grandpa grabbed my paw and tried to pull on it. he asked me if “it was a thorn or a body part that should be attached.” i told him not to be silly. i barked at him to tell him to pull harder. Grandpa reefed on it so hard, i thought he tore my paw from the rest of my body. i walked a bit and didn’t feel the needles pricking at me anymore. i felt great and i barked at Grandpa to tell him “good job Grandpa.” i love my Grandpa. he’s my hero!

For more photos from this morning’s walk with Sully, click here.


  1. Thank heaven for grandpas who can pull out thorns, even if he makes you go for walks so early. We have to do that for our two sometimes too.

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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Oh, Sully!! … “I ran into my crate hoping he would change his mind about this walking thing. it’s way too early. Grandpa never changes his mind. he is always right. so, off we went!”


  3. Until the next adventure, I bet your going to miss Sully the minute he leaves.


  4. Way to go, Grandpa! You have undoubtedly secured your favored nation status in Sully’s mind…


  5. We know that scenario! Can’t they become wimps in a split second if they get a thorn and then they’re all sucky (until the thorn is out and then they’re holy terrors again). They’re so lovable though. What can you do?!


  6. He’s so debonair!


  7. the classic lion and the mouse story, reimagined. excellent work, grandpa. now about that statement that ‘grandpa is always right…’ )

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  8. Sully is a very ego-stroking grandson. Want to send him over?

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  9. Thought not 😀
    Why does my dog think I’m a villain? Yes I do unpleasant things to her eyes and ears and am the arch bather, but that shouldn’t cancel out all my devoted service as walker and food provider!

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  10. Sweet boy. ❤️❤️❤️


  11. Awww… Now you have to turn on YOUR puppy eyes to Susan and start begging now… You need your own “Sully” …


  12. I’ve been away from your blog…oh, this post really touched my heart! Thank you, David, for your blogging consistency (something I’ve definitely not mastered!).


  13. Lovely post.

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