1. No one could convince them the Summer Solstice was either months away or months past. They were going to watch the rising sun on the longest day of the year, no matter what. You know how stubborn camels can be!

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  2. psyching up for the trip ahead, mellow as they watch the return of the sun

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  3. Ah, sunrise with Caleb and friends. Perfect! HHD, Dave! 🐫

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  4. Wow, what an image! Facing the new day with anticipation…😍

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  5. Sun salutations …

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  6. That’s their kind of cove. 🙂

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  7. Apparently facing east will help you get your hands on vast amounts of gold. With the markets dropping, I might start doing that more often.

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  8. What a lovely picture! Their repose suits me–recovering from dental gum work. I may simply repose some more….


  9. As the sun sinks slowly in the west, Caleb and friends take repose. Or, is it the east? In that case “up and at’em!”

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  10. Hunker down. Get ready. I feel it 🌴

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