Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

All of us are a little untethered right now, which means a lot of projecting our own fears and anxieties onto other people. Sometimes, if we get really quiet—quiet enough to hear ourselves—we realize we know.

Emmanuel AchoIllogical: Saying Yes to a Life Without Limits (Flatiron Books: An Oprah Book, March 22, 2022)

Photo credit: Alessandro Gentile


  1. we do

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  2. Untethered indeed. These are such strange times…

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  3. Untethered is a good word for this sense of being adrift. When we pause and become silent we find our way back home. A timely share and reminder.

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  4. I’ve seen him in interviews – and he is such a likable, thoughtful person – (with a killer smile)…I wonder if we could take some time and just realign ourselves with our basic needs, selves, etc – without layering all of the what ifs, fears, etc on top, we could find ourselves feeling a bit more secure – and kinder.

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  5. Boy, are we ever untethered. I don’t think we ever could imagine it thus!

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  6. Somehow I feel like the next words after “untethered” are “all hell breaks loose” so being quiet is not going to fix that. Well, he says, “being quiet we realize we know.” We know what? That all hell is going to break loose? Untethered could refer to freedom, or it could refer to aimlessness and anything goes. It’s a crazy world out there right now. Not having read this book, the title makes me a bit uneasy (Illogical: Saying yes to a life without limits). Does he mean it is illogical to have no limits, or that it’s okay to say yes to a life without limits. I’m not sure I understand without more info.

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  7. Christie says:

    He has a big heart, is joyful, an accomplished, busy young man…learning a bit about him, I see that he embraces freedom in Christ…and extends much outward love to others, he has a servants heart… /// When I read the words live a “life without limits”, I think of living without expectations (I thought a bit about living without expectations a few years back)…and to keep moving positively forward…Much can be accomplished when a person puts others first, wanting the best for another…

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  8. We do know deep down ☺️

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