Sunday Morning is for….


Sully and for Pancakes…
(note the drool)

Sully background


  1. Love it! What a lucky doggie 🥰

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  2. That’s what Sundays are for! How sweet is he?

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  3. so very cute

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  4. Awwwww Sully!!!!

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  5. Dot and Lia had homemade pancakes this morning too. Just not as nicely displayed. I aw the drool. Too cute.

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  6. Linnea J Priest MD says:

    blueberries are bad for dogs, like raisins and currants.

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  7. Aw-w Sully must feel like the favorite child! How delicately he goes about eating his special pancake! I made raspberry pancakes this am (with almond and oat flour)…like your group is all unknowlingly invited to Sunday pancakes!

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  8. Nice and spoiled as all dogs should be!

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  9. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Awesome, DK!! … Sully and pancakes! Yum!!


  10. Love the drool! That says it all.

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  11. ‘Sully is too cute by half,’ said no one ever. What. A. Doll. Want to squeeze him. ❤️

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  12. Is it true the dog looks like the owner or the babysitter ha? 🐶

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  13. so lovely, Blessing and Happiness, Thank you, Love, nia

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  14. I’m aamazed that Sully posed for the picture – such patience!

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