The faith that gives us wings. Or at least a soft place to land.



  1. Beautiful delicate colors in this photo…and the appealing qualities of this group makes me want to be one of them!

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  2. How do you put these titles together??????? All that stuck in your brain? No wonder you can’t sleep at night.

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  3. i would be happy to join them

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  4. Great capture DK 💛

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  5. Beautiful soft colour in the water. Nice grouping of birds, but I’m wondering what they are. There are so many types of these shore birds. Do you know what these are?

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    Simply awesome! … Post Title: Krystal (Rosario Dawson), in Krystal, Netflix (2018).

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  7. “Did anyone make coffee?” Such a happy little intimate shot that wishes everyone a good day 🙂.God bless photographers.

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  8. Together yet apart. Love this image, pal….

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  9. I love the soft place to land…we all need that place at times.


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