1. kindred spirits day

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  2. Well, hard not to befriend Caleb! 😉🤣🤣 HHD, Dave!

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  3. Anyone who can convince a camel to smile has my vote! 😂

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  4. So…the guy photo-bombed Caleb?😉

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  5. Then the camel told a very funny off color “hump” joke. We all laughed, but felt dirty after.


  6. Which one is Caleb?


  7. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    What a life! Amazing … “Meet the man dubbed “Animal Whisperer,” a photographer and adventurer who’s mastered the art of taking selfies with exotic animals. Originally from Ireland, Allan Dixon has been travelling around the globe to capture smiling snaps with kangaroos, quokkas, camels, sea lions… you name it!”


  8. It is and I am glad, one more day to serve Him, one more whole day to witness to others, one more whole day to love on my family, one more day to look forward to Him coming to take us home. I would say Allen Dixon has a job that some would envy.

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  9. Soomething tickled Caleb’s funny bone.

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  10. both have wonderful toothy smiles…(Allen has beautiful teeth!)

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  11. Made me smile…. what an infective laugh – from both of them.
    I’m thankful that also Dale provides me with Bored Panda, as do others – I am subbed but hardly ever get around to view. Thank you to both of you – that was great fun!


  12. 2 rules. 1. Duck when a camel spits. 2. Don’t put your hand in an open mouth unless you’re his dentist.

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