Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

Daybreak. September 7, 2020. 6:20 to 6:40 am. 67° F. Humidity: 86%. Wind: 6 mph. Gusts: 11 mph. Cloud Cover: 4%. The Cove, Stamford, CT


  1. It’s Monday today

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  2. The pictures are great, but am I the only who is waiting for one of those classic, DK stories?

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  3. thanks, i thought i was crazy with the days of the week!

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  4. Such peaceful beauty! shifting to appreciate and imagine what it’s like to be there (rather than, poor me, wish I had such a body of water near me). Reminded of the beautiful book I found in the library on Walden Pond and Thoreau with so many photos of those waters and the woods surrounding. Meditative……..

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  5. Just lost my reply, but need to share how much I appreciate these gorgeous photos. How wonderful that you can share that peaceful time and precious beauty so that we can be there (rather than me thinking, oh poor me, wish I could walk to some beautiful water scene). Meditative……………….

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  6. Good to have a break from all those trips into the city.


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    Another amazing daybreak!! Awesome …


  8. Well… It IS like a second Sunday, it being a holiday and all…

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  9. Good reason to get out of bed!

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  10. Glad there are those who like to take pictures because there are those, like me, who hardly ever take pictures unless there is a grandchild in them.

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  11. Happy Sunday, Monday, whatever day, pal! Love these beautiful photos….

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  12. beautiful photos, once again.

    unrelated question – do people swim in that lake?

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