Saturday Morning

So, when it’s bad now,
when I can’t remember what’s lost
and all I have for the world to take
means nothing,
I go out back of the greenhouse
at the far end of my land
where the grasses go wild
and the arroyos come up
with cat’s-claw and giant dahlias,
where the children of my neighbors
consult with the wise heads
of sunflowers, huge against the sky,
where the rivers of weather
and the charred ghosts of old melodies
converge to flood my land
and sustain the one thicket
of memory that calls for me
to come and sit
among the tall canes
and shape full-throated songs
out of wind, out of bamboo,
out of a voice
that only whispers.

— Garrett Hongo, from ‘Something Whispered in the Shakuhachi’

Notes: Quote, thank you Beth @ Alive on All Channels. Photo of bamboo by Elisa.


  1. Nature calling. Love it, thank you for sharing. Gratitude 🙏

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  2. I am finding that, of late, spending time outdoors is the only thing that soothes my frayed nerves. Something about the unflappable constancy…all hell is breaking loose, and yet the Great Blue Heron is patiently, methodically stalking fish in our pond; the mother Mourning Dove is still feeding her babies in the nest on our patio; the neighbor’s horses still quietly move from pasture to pasture grazing; my fur babies still leap expectantly at the sight of their leashes. One way or another, life continues….

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  3. Outside our new rental, I discover a few tulips and mini narcissus, unexpected bliss….. small mercies, enormous waves of gratitude.

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  4. there are some things that are constants, and these offer us comfort even in the most challenging of times

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  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Something to think about … “So, when it’s bad now, when I can’t remember what’s lost and all I have for the world to take means nothing … ” READ MORE!!

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  6. Nature reminds us to breathe and quiet our thoughts so we can listen and see.
    Your timing for these reminders is impeccable.

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  7. Thank you David for this beautiful pause so full of fresh air and possibility on this glorious sunny (yet chilly) morning here at the foot of the Rockies.

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  8. had to look up what shakuhachi meant… 🙂

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