Saturday Morning

Weekend Plans. Big Bird thinking about things in Central Park. (via Imgur and thisisn’thappiness)


  1. …. while I try to recover of this morning so far….. no deep thoughts, just utter exhaustion.

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  2. deep thoughts


  3. Even Big Bird needs time out to think. xo

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  4. Only in New York. 😊

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  5. What a great place to think on things..

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  6. Big Bird doing his best Rodin impression (he can’t rest his chin in his wing)

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  7. Hi, David…What a great photograph. I have been thinking of you often through these days of winter in Vermont. I know the empty space you live with. Like BigBird on the bench the dark tunnel and the path in and away will always be there. Making peace with both is the challenge…breathing quietly, memories and time seem to help most. Be well. MA


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    BIG BIRD … early Saturday morning smile!!


  9. I can’t help wondering what the park’s little birds thought of Big Bird, lol.

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  10. Besides all the other heavy-on-the-heart contemplations…Big Bird’s thoughts are running towards getting a dog. Most likely…

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  11. Valerie Meluskey says:

    How touching! This takes me back to where I spent part of my childhood, rollerskating and visiting all of the animals, who I was sure knew me personally…

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  12. Someone is looking lonely maybe it’s me

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  13. maybe Big Bird is checking Google Maps to tell him how to get to Sesame Street…

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