T.G.I.F.: It’s been a long week!

chen shuval with A Man and his Dog (via Newthom)


  1. the love comes right off the page

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  2. Love is love is love…

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  3. I don’t want to see any more dog love posts here, unless it’s yours.
    I’ve had it.

    Like, caaam aaaan!

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  4. My two are snoring and snuffling right here beside me. There is no greater joy, as you well know. So many dogs in shelters looking for someone to love. I see it every week when I volunteer. Stop denying yourself (and them), pal. Pull the trigger!

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  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    So very much needed … proof that there is unconditional love!

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  6. Aw ☺️ The dog’s face is exactly how our own face should look, whenever a dog rescues us in the one way we can always trust: unconditional love. There should be kind, easy dogs all through prisons and nursing homes and in every school’s guidance office.

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  7. As I scroll down to leave my comment on the beauty of the picture and the amount of love shining through, I cannot help but snicker and snort over Sawsan, Kiki, You…

    I think I’ll just back away quietly…

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  8. Okay. Not fair! Beaumont is lying on the floor beside my desk with his eyes looking pleadingly at me, begging me to please take him to the park for a romp — in minus Polar Vortex temps and you post this????

    Way to make me pick up the leash and put on my Arctic gear when I’d rather be sitting by the fire!

    Oh — and Swanson — if you want some puppy love, go visit Beaumont’s blog on Sundays. He’s got attitude! 🙂 Sundays with Beaumont

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  9. Our sweet pup is on a walk with the dear hubby…I often join them…on the outings along the creek…the pup has spent the past few night on a rug next to the bed…he usually sleeps on the couch or in dear daughter’s room…///You used to borrow your neighbor’s door taking him on runs or just out and about -maybe you can take him on a car ride to Palmer’s so you can get your daily fix of Talenti Mint Ice Cream…

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  10. Ahhhh….great way to end the week.

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  11. Aww, thanks Dave…in regards to Talenti Gelato…I wasn’t up to going along with Dear Hubby…Costco (which I’d been looking forward to…I get out in the car as a ride along about once a week) & a local grocery store, he called wondering if there was anything else I needed… & I mentioned this store’s Friday special Talenti gelato 2 for $5…he brought home dark Raspberry Choc. chips for me and for him Pistachio…he just said did you eat all your Gelato I said yup while he was sleeping on the couch…he is now under a blanket sitting up eating Kit Kats…he has yet to sample his Pistachio Gelato he is reading the news on the computer and I am watching a repeat of a Hallmark Movie…ahh a quiet Friday night pre dinner and it is cold out…so I am under a blanket too with the boy cat curled up half on me, the pup is talking to me and the Diva girl cat is lounging on our bed…dear daughter is with her boyfriend…blissful so far—we are hoping the neighbor will not play with his chainsaw, motorcycles, four-wheelers or loud music tonight…

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