Saturday Morning

One’s very own room, ventilated to please one’s self, furnished just as one wishes, with one’s pet belongings arranged to suit one’s own tastes; an entire bed in which one may pitch and toss, stretch and yawn, without the consciousness that another would-be sleeper is being annoyed – all of these are aids to happiness.

Virginia Terhune Van de Water, “From Kitchen to Garret,” (Published in 1910)

Notes: Quote via Schonwieder. Photo via Sabon Home


  1. Yes!

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  2. Drip feeding us one of the (as it seems) best(est) books of lately….. I’m quite green with envy!
    Happy Saturday, regardless of all that bothers you, me, everybody. IT IS SATURDAY!

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  3. I’m already reading one kitchen book. She sounds amazing. Never heard of her before.

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  4. Dreamy.

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  5. Ahhhhh…. a setting that lends itself to sagacious delay….☺️

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  6. So inviting

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  7. Delicious. I am in the process of deciding how to make my room even more my own – It is, but you know, I want it to be my haven. OF course the danger of this is it bars anyone from entering…

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  8. This morning, as I lay in bed and read the National Post’s “In Memoriam” for the 57 people returning to Canada who died in the downing of Flight 752, my beloved slept beside me. My reading wasn’t easy. I didn’t want to read all the stories, the names, see the photos. I didn’t want to. But, I knew I must. There is so little I can do in this tragedy — one small thing was to spend time learning about their lives. In that act, I could pay tribute to those who died, and their families who must now learn to live with the spaces their loved ones once filled that now lay empty.

    I am not sure if I could have done it if I was alone in my bed, an empty space beside me.

    Yes, as de van Water’s suggests (beautifully), I do savour the times when he is away and I can sprawl across the whole bed. Read and write and even eat in bed. When the whole house is mine and time stretches in every direction without any obligation to anyone else, other than the dog.

    But those are interludes in our co-existence.

    In the weave and warp of our lives joined together, I am able to do things I never imagined possible because he is there, always supporting me, always lifting me up, always loving me, ensuring I know I am not alone in this world.

    I read the stories of the lives lost on Flight 752 this morning. The comfort of my husband beside me made it possible.

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  9. I had my own room right up till I got married and loved it, after sharing a room and a bed with Tim for 35yrs I am used to it

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  10. “ventilated to please one’s self” not this last summer…I wanted the window a/c in he wanted the natural ventilation…he open the window every night & the window stayed open until about 10am…and as I recuperated from 2 cancer surgeries, laying in bed this past summer I would have welcomed the use of a/c…///
    I lived at home and commuted to a University…then I transferred to another University away from home…I lived to a co-op, co-ed private Christian dorm had my own room it was so strange to have my own room coming from a family with six children never had my own room before…this was fine in the day…for the first week when night came I asked my girlfriend if she’d come sleep in my room…she slept on the floor for almost a week, until I got adjusted to being homesick…(ps I was 21)

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  11. re: my original comment Yes, dear hubby said it was true about the a/c situation and it was fine that i posted that…///
    and I thought you were married in 1983?

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