Monday Morning

When I began this gathering of essays, which, yes, comes from the French essai, meaning to try, or to attempt, I planned on writing one of these things — these attempts — every day for a year. When I decided this I was walking back to my lodging in a castle (delight) from two very strong espressos at a café in Umbertide (delight), having just accidentally pilfered a handful of loquats from what I thought was a public tree (but upon just a touch more scrutiny was obviously not — delight!), and sucking on the ripe little fruit, turning the smooth gems of their seeds around in my mouth as wild fennel fronds wisped in the breeze on the roadside, a field of sunflowers stretched to the horizon, casting their seedy grins to the sun above, the honeybees in the linden trees thick enough for me not only to hear but to feel in my body, the sun like a guiding hand on my back, saying everything is possible. Everything.

~ Ross Gay,  The Book of Delights

Notes: Loquat Photo. Quote via Brain Pickings


  1. The universe was perfectly aligned for hope and possibility

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  2. And so the day begins with inspiration and moments of delight. May your Monday contain the same. 💛

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  3. What a perfect way to begin the day – delight bursts from the page and infuses me with light and a big smile. Have a great day

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  4. Life is like a box of Delights…

    Needed this today, thank You 🙏🏻

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  5. WMS, WMS! A delectably sweet start to the week….

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  6. What a delightful post! There are things to delight in all around us. By finding them, we fill ourselves with gratitude at the same time…

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  7. This made me think of my Dad

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  8. I love this book. Focusing on delights is well, delightful!

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  9. Poetry.

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