Saturday Morning (Low of 19° F)

Photo: (via Your Eyes Blaze Out)


  1. Just left this scene in our bedroom. Only difference? The mercury reads 66 here. Beau does not care. He sees an opportunity to snuggle with someone, he’s taking it. Hubby is snoring, Beau is burrowing and all is right with the world. 😉

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  2. Snuggle weather

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  3. Sure is!


  4. yep.

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  5. When you get up and look outside and see the car windows frosted over, it takes everything not to turn back around and crawl back under the covers!

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  6. Good thing there’s no quota on snuggling and burrowing in! I might not get up until spring! 🙂

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  7. at first, I thought that quote from Moshfegh was your writing, and I wondered what you had done to have been banished to the attic!

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  8. Is winter here to stay?

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  9. Brrrr. So good to have something cozy to cuddle into.

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  10. Wonderful snuggle cuddles 💛 the wood stove is on and we are all cosy.

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  11. *Biggest grin ever* 😉 Cher xo

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  12. Only just had to come back for another look at that well-packed doggie with its soulful eyes!

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