Sunday Morning

Recognizing the dignity of each living thing, mobile or fixed, insect, animal, tree, or mushroom, has broadened my love for this world and diminished my need for a god in heaven. We have multitudes of gods on Earth.

Terry Tempest WilliamsErosion: Essays of Undoing (Sarah Crichton Books, October 8, 2019)

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  1. …truth be told. At long last.

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  2. Shades of Eve’s shortsightedness, and unfortunately, only one “O happy fault!” shall have been granted mankind. If the authoress (or one of her beloveds) were a violinist, and a Stradivarius addressed to her arrived at her door, would she only respect the exquisite gift for it’s potential man-made music, but utterly ignore its maker AND gifter?

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  3. beautiful. interesting, but not totally surprising that my post today is along the very same lines

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  4. I didn’t have you down as an agnostic…

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  5. Could not agree more with all o’ y’all…

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  6. Linda ARZOUMANIAN says:

    Gorgeous photo. Great words. Thanks

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  7. Nature is my church 🍂

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  8. Beautiful and I think not only recognising, that’s easy to do from our phones and afar, but by actually being in nature and honouring it all and developing a deep respect and love affair over-time. 🧚🏽‍♂️☘️🌱🌼

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  9. Monday morning here

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  10. And with every breath and every deed, word, thought and step I take upon this planet, may all I am and all I do be a song of gratitude.

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