How many moons have I been too busy to notice?


  • Photograph of Hunter’s Moon: By Eric Kanigan, from our front yard on October 14, 2019
  • Inspired by: “How many moons have I been too busy to notice? Full moons, half moons, quarter moons facing those thousands of suns, watching them bringing the years up, one piece at a time. Even the dark phases of moon after moon, gray stoppers plugged into a starry sky, letting a little light leak out around the edges. By my reckoning, almost a thousand full moons have passed above me know, and I have been too busy and self-absorbed to be thankful for more than a few, though month after month they have patiently laid out my shadow, that velvety cloak that in the moonlit evenings waits for me.” ~ Ted Kooser, January. The Wheeling Year: A Poet’s Field Book (UNP – Nebraska, 2014).


  1. Wow! What a fabulous shot! I need a better telephoto lens 😉

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  2. Beautiful.

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  3. I have always loved the phases of the moon. beautiful shot, Eric

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  4. Nice, “moon shot,” Eric.

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  5. Yes, beautiful. Every night of my childhood, my father gave me a piggyback ride to bed. On summer nights, he would take me outside to look for the moon and the stars.

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  6. Fabulous photo, Eric! I am such a fan of the moon. Enjoyed this latest full moon immensely…it was like cold steel in the night sky.

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  7. Great thoughts!

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  8. Valerie Meluskey says:

    Wonderful photo…wonder-ful! I was playing tennis and loved seeing it. We play where we have a good view of the sky…clouds changing colors, then stars or planets, and stages of moon. Sad that outdoor playing in evening is over October 31st.

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  9. My full moon (and other moon pics) photos always look like a speck of dust on the lens….

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  10. Love this…lovely photo, David!

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