Just look

Breathing, walking, having real hair.

Just look at us.

~ Rachel Khong, Goodbye, Vitamin: A Novel


Photo: Patty Maher


  1. 🙂 oh the joy…. I feel for you and the lack of hair! You have plenty qualities to make up for ‘this’

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  2. I finish my sentence: …. deficiency. Sent it while thinking of the proper translation for Manko/manque.

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  3. amazing ,isn’t it?

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  4. What have we got to complain about??!! Happy Friday Mr K 💕💚

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  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Awesome … ‘Just look at us.’ Rachel Khong, Goodbye, Vitamin: A Novel …

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  6. Valerie Meluskey says:

    Why does this photo and excerpt seem so bleak to me? …then I feel empathy for all the women whose lives are curtailed and ruled by religious and cultural laws. Signed, Debbie Downer

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  7. Those look like sandhills (which I love to see flying over). I suppose I would agree with Valerie that the photo seems bleak, but the fact that these cranes are in it makes it a happy trigger for beautiful memories for me.

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  8. And the hair thing is more important for women, but I don’t mind baldness on a man at all. Is the real hair quote a reference to cancer and chemo treatments? In that case I understand why it is significant, but still – it’s only hair.

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  9. Must admit, I saw someone recovering after chemo and living beyond cancer in this post. Not depressing, Its just so darn good to be alive. Nothing more. Nothing less. 🙏

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  10. Gosh, am I THAT shallow? Or just naïve? Or both? I never thought of cancer and loosing one’s hair although I should know better….. God, now I don’t like that photo any more…. and I’m sad for not having seen further than just the simple, maybe even a bit nostalgic beauty.

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