Saturday Morning (Basking ‘On the other’)

On one end – excellence, ambition, discipline, defining what you want to be and working towards it, goals, decisions, structure, control, action, obsession (hold on)

On the other – acceptance, peace, polymorphous selfhood, beingness, letting it flow, spontaneity, appreciation of what is not what you want it to be, release (let go)

In this tension – a life.

~ abhumanaex



  1. beautiful. the eternal push and pull –

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  2. Tension and progression, I would argue.

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  3. Thanks II will look for ward to it

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  4. I wish I was basking on the other. I’m stuck!

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  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Two sides of reality!! … ~ abhumanaex

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  6. Valerie Meluskey says:

    leads me to imagine a modern dance replication of erratically moving from energy and thrust…put on the breaks: a few peaceful breaths…and then propulsion again consuming all of my attention…ooh, exhale to moments of serenity
    So, I get it (in some form).

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  7. It’s good to have drive and ambition. As a child I wanted to be in “Who’s Who” when I grew up. Gradually, I realized I was just kind of ordinary, but it didn’t hurt me to aim big. Important to know when to accept reality though. 😉

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  8. I’m guessing that (after they eat) people in primitive cultures only bask on the other hand — never hanging onto, always letting go.

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  9. I’m mostly startled by this artwork – something to come back to! (from my tired old eyes it sure looked like a can of worms falling on the running-away human, at first!)

    And a word to Pamela Gayle White: I’ve done the first part of your citation, still holding my breath for the second, more important bit: Waiting (or not) for the magic to work!

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  10. “In this tension – a life.” – a beautiful way to describe life.

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  11. I’ve got both ends in my hands for sure! Every day a dance in balance. 🙂

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