Saturday Morning. And then, little by little…

You must learn to stop being yourself. That’s where it begins, and everything else follows from that. You must let yourself evaporate. Let your muscles go limp, breathe until you feel your soul pouring out of you, and then shut your eyes. That’s how it’s done. The emptiness inside your body grows lighter than the air around you. Little by little, you begin to weigh less than nothing. You shut your eyes; you spread your arms; you let yourself evaporate. And then, little by little, you lift yourself off the ground.

Like so.

Paul AusterMr. Vertigo

Notes: Quote – Thank you Whiskey River. Photo: Jacqueline Green, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Photo by Richard Calms. (via Mennyfox55)


  1. This is marvelous…

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  2. It takes courage…

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  3. Ahhh yes. To fly.

    Letting my limbs go limp now

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  4. That’s me…. NOT!
    I get dizzy just looking at that pic 😉

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  5. Geri J.... says:

    I sense the lightness of being in this image… beautiful!

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  6. Stop being myself?

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  7. amazing

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  8. Little by little I fall apart

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  9. Excelente fotografía.

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  10. So if I follow those instructions, I’ll be able to do this? Great!!!


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