Morning Walk ( < 30 seconds)

> > > > NOTE: Press arrow on right center of photo to advance to video.


  1. Wow…

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  2. so impressive! The truly funny thing however is that I came to Switzerland yester-night and 5′ after arrival, a thunderstorm broke loose….. and since then (10pm) rain is falling on and off, rumbling in the sky – so needed!
    Whereas in France, where I was frantically watering my huge garden and always worrying my little heart out for the days I don’t have anybody looking after house and garden, we didn’t have a raindrop for at least 6 weeks – once 3 or 5 drops in one go – but that didn’t even take 5′ to dry off….. and now this double abundance!

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  3. I often listen to nature sounds as music. Frankly, I am not so fond at walls at the moment.

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  4. WOW…
    He also has a drone video clip of the canyon. Breathtaking!

    Judging by the formations on the sides this formed very quickly. Temperatures at some point dropping drastically and very fast. I don’t think anything was still alive to hear it crack open like this.
    Glad we’re alive now to witness the beauty it rendered.

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  5. So many miraculous places to behold.

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  6. Amazing! Thanks for sharing.

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  7. amazing. 6 hours there was not enough time.

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  8. beautiful place and sounds; but I think I’d prefer the Jersey shore. 🙂

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