I feel fine, anytime she’s around me now

I always wanted to be the kind of woman James Taylor would sing: I feel fine, anytime she’s around me now to“Something in the Way She Moves.” You know that song.

Don’t you wish someone wanted to sing that song to you?

~ Lidia Yuknavitch, The Chronology of Water: A Memoir 


  1. .. our wedding song, 27 years ago. And when we danced and he sang it in my ear, I melted, and still do. Such a great song .. and artist! ~ MJ

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  2. Like the song

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  3. Yup! That’s nice.

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  4. Um, well, not particularly. It’s ‘nice,’ but I’d rather be deeply loved for being myself. Which I happily am. But I do love this song, truly. Thanks for sharing it. ❤

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  5. As opposed to the kind of woman who’d be a groupie for Motley Crue?

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  6. great song.

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  7. yes!

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  8. I think it would be fabulous to be considered the one who makes the other feel fine…

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  9. He is wonderfully special, especially the songs he wrote when a patient in a psychiatric hospital. His songs defined my adolescence.

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  10. The idea: YESSSSSSS – this type of songs however is not really my style – but what a charming idea. And as Dale said: IF it really means something – YES, I would love that!!!! My HH has a beautiful voice; maybe sometime in the next few years I should suggest that he does just that 🙂
    btw; ‘petite annecdote’: When we just knew each other as friends amongst 70 other singing friends, we were lined up in a beautiful large church in Zurich for a Bach concert. The men walked past us to the stage and I whispered from time to time: Sing well…. HH (then not!) bowed and sang sotto voce: Fürchte dich nicht, ich bin bei dir (fear not, I’m with you). That was probably the one time he sang something like that to me (not for me really)…… 😉 😉

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  11. I always wonder what songs men wish someone would sing to them!

    Nice song.

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