Tuesday Morning Wake-Up Call


  • Source: Head Like An Orange with Black-tailed Prairie Dog
  • Inspired by: “I stood, transfixed by the mirror, for some time, accustoming myself to this stranger of whose desires and motives I was not entirely sure…The world outside my window pulsed with promise and invitation.” by ~ Rachel Cusk, The Country Life


  1. Short week comin’ in…get after it!

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  2. I could watch this all day

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  3. We called them gophers in the Canadian prairies and they were everywhere. What a great memory of my childhood. Thanks!!

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  4. Thanks for reminding me that it’s Tuesday!

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  5. A VERY strange analogy haunts me here! I’ve just finished the book Still Alice by LIsa Genova who’s speaking in a compelling way of living inside a person with Alzheimer’s (hear me out please!).
    When I read “I stood, transfixed by the mirror, for some time, accustoming myself to this stranger of whose desires and motives I was not entirely sure… it made me think of what I read this morning:

    …. She (51yr old woman) sat on the floor in front of the full-length mirror in the bedroom and examined her reflection. The girl in the mirror had sunken, darkened circles under her eyes. Her skin looked loose and spotty all voer and wrinkled at the corners of her eyes and along her forehead. Her thick, scraggly eyebrows needed to be tweezed. Her curly hair was mostly black, but also noticeably grey. The girl in the mirror looked ugly and old.
    She run her fingers over her cheeks and forehead, feeling her face on her fingers, and her fingers on her face.That can’t be me. What’s wrong with my face? The girl in the mirror sickened her.

    Therefore, I was hugely relieved to find the prairie dog pop up.

    (A utterly compelling book, highest recommendation for ANYBODY, but surely if you know ppl with Alzheimer’s – it gives you a tremendous understanding from inside a patient, written like a novel but with truly haunting and wonderful depth and passion.)

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  6. Sounds compelling, Kiki. It’s in my queue. Genova is a masterful storyteller. I just finished her book “Every Note Played” about a pianist with ALS. Also haunting…

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    • Lori, this is one of the books I had on my pile for – what – years probably. And as with some others, I would like to read the rest of hers. Such an incredibly intelligent, thoughtful and mindful writer. Herself being a neuroscientist at Harvard, it certainly didn’t look like an ‘easy’ read – but having increasingly more friends with parents living with Alzheimer’s, and talking to a friend frequently whose mother is not recognizing her children any longer, it really, really hits all the buttons of wanting to know so much more. I shall check out Every Note Played – sounds interesting too, although I now see everywhere discreet signs of AD – when before we just said we lived ‘A Senior Moment’ (forgetting stuff)…..

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  7. Haha! Seldom have I seen a person with so few ears!

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  8. OK, I’m going back to the gopher…takes me back to age 3 and 4 and more when I relished stories of animals who lived underground. The most famous is The Wind in the Willows, but my favorite was The Hollow Tree and Deep Woods. Now what kind of a life does Mr. Gopher live…who else is down there…

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  9. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Just waking up … my biggest smile ever!! A good day is on its way …

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  10. Here Kiki is leaving a thought-provoking answer with a book suggestion and all I can think of is:
    Alan! Alan! Alan!
    Steve! Steve!

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  11. Well, that brought a smile to my face this morning.

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  12. Getting up when it is cold can be difficult but I did it

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  13. Christie says:

    Made me smile – remembering the times watching the Black-tailed Prairie Dogs in their Prairie Dog towns in Western North Dakota…

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