Saturday Morning

At night, crickets sawed outside the windows of my childhood bedroom, and I read sixteen years of old journals, turning their pages into the early morning hours, as if I did not know what would happen next. There I was, same as ever, a linked paper chain of self-replication, continuously through time, the very same shorthand for a simple, happy life: muffin tins, cross-country skis, a desk by an open window. When had I made everything so complicated?

~ Sarah McColl, “Joy Enough: A Memoir.” (January, 2019)

Photo: Dan Smith


  1. Why do we make it so complicated??

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    • Isn’t that the big question?

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    • I remembered the fearless, confident boy I used to be back then…I didn’t miss him. I only, sometimes, missed the high spirits that often used to seize me when I was ten. Would there ever be an event in my life that would catapult me back into that ecstatic, silly lightheartedness, even if only for a moment?

      ~ Benedict Wells, The End of Loneliness: A Novel (Charlotte Collins, Translator) (Penguin Books, January 29, 2019)

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  2. It’s right before our eyes

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  3. You probably just heard me scream ‘Yes!’ from Florida’s Gulf Coast!

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    ‘When had I made everything so complicated?’ … Sarah McColl, “Joy Enough: A Memoir.” (January, 2019) …

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  5. I have no need for crickets, I have Hero Husband seeing IN THE BEDROOM….. 🤨🤔😏😴🤫

    No, it’s beautiful, it really is….. book is on my list!

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  6. Bl..y autocorrect *sawing* of course. Eyes firmly closed….

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  7. It happens to us all, doesn’t it? We don’t realise it until it’s done…

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  8. Christie says:

    Sarah McColl has recognized…yesteryear’s, yesterday, today, tomorrow and further the future.. value in the everyday,,…the primary development of self, birthed in the beginning, nurtured and formed the essence of Soul, continually expanding, effervescing – shinning forth..and she shines brilliantly.

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  9. Christie says:

    Was busy writing when Dale posted her comment…we’re certainly, aligned in our thoughts regarding your share 🙂

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  10. Yes we often make things more complicated then need be

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