Monday Morning Wake-Up Call (February 11th)

The moon is out. The ice is gone. Patches of white
lounge on the wet meadow. Moonlit darkness at 6 a.m.

Again from the porch these blue mornings I hear an eagle’s cries
like God is out across the bay rubbing two mineral sheets together
slowly, with great pressure.

A single creature’s voice—or just the loudest one.
Others speak with eyes: they watch—
the frogs and beetles, sleepy bats, ones I can’t see.
Their watching is their own stamp on the world…

I steel myself for the day.

~ Nellie Bridge, from “February 11″ from Echotheo Review, July 18, 2011

Notes: Poem from 3 Quarks Daily. Winter Moon photo in Norway by Maren Fredagsvik


  1. Reblogged this on Carrie's Bench and commented:
    Soft blue of dawn even when it is Monday morning – grateful for creation’s rhythm…

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  2. the eagle calls out to begin the day, like a powerful rooster in the sky

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  3. Cheri L. Baker says:

    Thank you for such words.

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  4. The birds are suddenly back in full throat here on the Gulf Coast. It’s as if someone suddenly flipped a switch and released a cacophony of pre-dawn sound. A true harbinger of spring. Stay warm and have a good week, pal. Looks like Mother Nature may be preparing to give the Northeast another smack. 😳

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  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Early, on a very misty morning … ‘I steel myself for the day.’ … ~ Nellie Bridge, from “February 11″ from Echotheo Review, July 18, 2011


  6. A great visual and emotional picture – I sure wd like to know how an eagle cries…. Here too, the birds are out and about very early. They‘re chilping, stirring, singing, telling the news w/o end…. Found a chilled ladybug on the inside of a window ledge. Thought it was dead. But I breathed a few times on it from a distance. And it moved….. Now it has gone – I don‘t know where to 🙂

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  7. We’re in a deep freeze -30 or more can’t wait for a break later this week….lovely cold feeling in the image no doubt ☺️

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  8. Valerie Meluskey says:

    All so beautiful…especially the images and feelings your selection inspires…
    OMG to imagine Lori’s Gulf Coast…but here, I see residues of snow “lounging” quietly on the bushes.

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  9. I steel myself for the cold….I am amazed mother nature finds a way for the creatures out there to survive another day. Keeping spring in my heart, though…

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  10. I love that photo!

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  11. Oh how I liked this

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  12. Such a gorgeous photo…the words, “Patches of white lounge on the wet meadow” I’ve encountered that event many times, enjoying the moments of memory…”I steel myself for the day”…with resolute strength and determination…encouraged by the beauty at days start…

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  13. Not sure what happened to my first post – trying to recreate it…Such a gorgeous image of Finland… “Patches of white lounge on the wet meadow.” a scene I’ve witnessed from my own memories, so enjoyable… “I steel myself for the day” with resolute strength and determination, encouraged by the beauty of mornings first breaths…

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