Monday Morning Wake-Up Call



  1. A laughing out loud moment on this miserable, grey, rainy and stormy Monday morning…. But I fear for the little one – mum in me sees all the things that could happen at any moment now! 🙂
    Have a good one – we all could use one!

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  2. so great –


  3. Life this photo. We’ve all done that! Maybe we still do 🙂

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  4. Gonna try to draft…

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  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Beautiful, beautiful young girl … sweet!!


  6. Wow!! A great start for Monday!

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  7. What a beautiful little girl and wonderful picture! Wat to start the week, David! Have a fantabulous one!

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  8. Beauty and ingenuity. This girl will fly.

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  9. You always seem to find the perfect picture for every post, David … just wow, and thanks for a great start to everybody’s week …

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  10. What a clever child! She even dragged a chair over to make it easier to climb up! Now that’s courage and ingenuity!

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  11. OMG! Get down before you slip and crack your skull.

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  12. I am beautiful, smart, independent and whee, this is fun, I am going to take flight, life is an adventure…/// When I was a whee one I climbed the chair next to the bathroom sink …that one of the older sisters had pulled over to unlocked the medicine cabinet, she set the St. Joseph Aspirin for children bottle down, she left to put the key back, returned to find me eating the Aspirin…she of course ran to Mom and off to the ER we went…we thought they tasted yummy and were candy…It was a haunting event…not being able to talk, being restrained by five or six medical personal as they treated me…sliding the tube down my
    esophagus to my stomach and then they started cranking a wheel on the equipment to empty the contents of my little tummy…

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  13. another darling child who loves life 🙂

    Jessica’s Daily Affirmation

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