Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: Heart beat. (Nose Twitch)


  • Gif Photo of Patagonian Mara by Head Like an Orange
  • Inspired by: This moment. This breath between us. The space between your heartbeats. The moment before you blink. The instant a thought flashes through your mind. It is everything that is around us. Life. Energy. Flowing, endlessly flowing, carrying you from then…to now…to tomorrow. Listen: you can hear the music of it. Of the passage of time. ― Lisa Mangum, Hourglass Door


  1. The moment before we blink. A beautiful pause in this moment. 🌈

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  2. ah, that moment. by the time you realize it, it is over.

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  3. That’s a wonderful match – text and pic!

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  4. That was cute and I’ve learned something. I hate to admit that I hadn’t heard of these guys before.

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  5. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you and all your family, Mr. Maple leaf 😊

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  6. ah the beauty of it all when stripped of explanation…just being…now.

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  7. He appears to be on alert for what the moment may bring…I like the nose twitching 🙂 and the contractions of his breaths /// I echo what Sawsan said…

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  8. Nose twitching got the scent of roast turkey from Canada. Happy Thanksgiving, David.

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  9. Couldn’t reply before, had to check out the MARA – and then to pay something to Wiki (which is only right as we all use it so liberally!!!!)

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