We keep turning one thing into another and calling it progress. We keep machining the beauty off of things as they are, creating more and more things to hide in, as if that will let us live longer. We keep burrowing into everything but ourselves: churning trees into lumber, animals into meat, wind into electricity, vegetables into remedies, and silence into noise; turning the earth, continent by continent, into one giant anthill. We keep eating our way through the arms of the Universe, desperate for something large and quiet to hold us.

~ Mark Nepo, “Short Wisdom on a Long Planet” in Things That Join the Sea and the Sky: Field Notes on Living

Photo: monochrome vibe (via to escape from the commonplaces of existence)


  1. A scary situation well described – and oh so cleverly matched with a b/w positive/negative photo…. you are one clever, thoughtful guy.

    On a side note: Some time ago I read in an article that the ‘water energy’ that goes in one kg of beef equals a whole year of shower taking. I don’t eat much meat but I found that terrifyingly shocking and utterly scary. Now I searched for said article but couldn’t find it. It’s difficult for me to do researches when I don’t know whether I read that in E/F/G or in a newspaper/journal/magazine AND in which country, as I’m travelling so much, or even ‘saw’ on YT or in a movie…. Instead, I found this highly interesting, well made flow chart and I guess with some mind-twisting you’d arrive at the same result more or less:

    Happy Sunday, all the same 🙂 It’s beautiful here and although very fresh in the morning, the day promises to be warm and lovely.

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  2. and can we just let it be and therefore let it continue to be?

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  3. I keep hearing about a new narrative. If there is one, no one’s listening. Shame, particularly with what’s at stake. Blessings, Julian _/|\_

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  4. So very true and deeply disturbing. And yet this morning, in the quiet, pre-dawn hours, I listened to an owl call in the distance. ‘Remember this, savor this, embrace this,’ that’s what I heard…..

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  5. The image of a right and a left hand representing light/good/positive vs dark/evil/negative, one slightly degraded eroding around the margins in comparison the other, clearly blacken, oxidized, overrun in overuse… takes me back to childhood, I was nine or ten, a field-trip to a Museum of Science and Industry…(in comparison to the shared image) an exhibit which left a lasting impression on me…the exhibit about lungs and smoking…clearly illustrated the effects of lifestyle choice and impact on health…I walked through a large replica of a lung and one of the heart…what gripped me was hanging behind glass …the display of two preserved donated cadaver lungs, a flesh color healthy lung…the other lung, decimated…black like coal tar…right there I vowed never to smoke. (As a teen I watched an Uncle dying of lung Cancer) I also hated the smell of cigarettes and I knew they had a high cost associated with them and they were not allowable for those under a certain age…for me, I always wondered why when a person became an adult and were supposedly smarter than a child why they’d waste their money, health and possible loss of friends over the stink of smoking?
    My perspective on your pairing of the text and image, Amazing…I feel that the resources of the earth a gift from God, for our use in a sensible and sustainable manner…Clearly, man has conquered, exploiting instead of discovering and appreciating the wonder (thankful for the few who had foresight, preserving) ..the ancient Mariner learned to navigate, relying on the Heavens for Guidance in the dark of night gliding across the water, the Mariner a linked soul to the Heavens and the Sea, in equilibrium…today, Sadly Man (and we all have had a hand in this as consumers) has pushed forward, surpassing the point of equilibrium…leaving a bleak future for Plant Earth and the current and future generations…and for me I believe that I am a temporary resident here, who has enjoyed the wondrous Gifts of Beauty and Joy found here on Earth, as with each gift of breath I draw closer to an eternal home in Heaven…
    In kind appreciation, I thank you for your daily offering that caused me to remember childhood, think, appreciate gifts of life and be allowed to express freely my thoughts…

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  6. Burrowing into ourselves, we will find everything we need. 🌟✨

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  7. I get quite down at times when you try to comprehend such enormity- we after all individually are so small but our actions and laziness have such resonance. Scary really

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