Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

Photo: Debosavold – Lemure (via Cheetah Camp)


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  2. wide awake and ready to roll!

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  3. Good morning! Had to look up the animal LEMURE…. My niece told me that it’s the animal of a brand in a Swiss Chain Store 🙂 But he couldn’t remember its name either….

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  4. Think I’d go back to bed if I saw that in the morning! Ha 😩☀️

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    Monday morning .. as wide eyed as the lemure!!

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  6. So cute and for sure a wake up call on a Monday morning.

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  7. Wait, what?! Is that Monday coming? Yep.

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  8. well…good morning to you too! what a beautiful face! I recently had a ground hog bump his nose on my glass door…a thrill!

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  9. Amazing colors, big eyes to see well at night, looks like suction cups on the end of long fingers on a large strong hands for grasping and helping to move in the trees, yet delicate for getting in tight places and flexible to break open to get food into the mouth, strong arms and agile knees —the Lemur is built for survival…

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