This August Day

This August day, reader, is a rose window glowing with heat.

I make you a gift of it, it is yours.

One o’clock. I am going back to the village for lunch. Strong with the silence of the pines and the chestnut trees.

I walk without flinching through the burning cathedral of the summer.

~ Violette LeDuc, La Bâtarde

Notes: Quote: Nemophilies. Photo: Franiuk (via Your Eyes Blaze Out). Inspired by: High today – 91° F. Lisbon: 111.2° F


  1. 7th August is important for me
    It is my wedding anniversary 🙂
    I get a present and give one too
    relationships are special binding without glue


  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    ‘This August day, reader, is a rose window glowing with heat.’ … an amazing rose window!!

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  3. A perfect blessing on this beautiful day….

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  4. David, I keep meaning to tell you that your posts no longer show up on my iPhone or iPad reader. They always used to. Only the first line or so appears, then I have to click to your site proper to see the rest. Usually I don’t take the time, as I’ve gotten behind on reading and other daily things. And I wonder how many others this is a problem for? Now I’m on my desktop – Macbook Air – and no problem. Just wanted to make you aware of any IOS incompatability. I don’t see this with any other blogs I follow. Anyway, cheerio! 😀 xo

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