Guess.What.Day.It.Is? (60 Sec)

Notes: Background on Caleb/Wednesday/Hump Day Posts and Geico’s original commercial: Let’s Hit it Again


  1. Wow…”I use Polident, Marge! And you?”

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  2. reminds me of when someone feeds me pasta

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  3. freddiegeorgia says:

    That just hurts to watch!

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  4. aoutsch….. Swiss German for THIS REALLY HURTS….. 🙂

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  5. Who knew they were such big chewers! Love the grunts of satisfaction 😊

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  6. He is chewing it like gum. I bet he considers it a real treat!!

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  7. Cookies for Caleb.

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  8. See… with this particular food, I can floss at the same time… you just don’t have the same skillz…

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  9. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Every Wednesday morning … I eagerly wait for my friend CALEB!!
    He’s here …. love!!

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  10. Maybe with a glass of wine…

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  11. so that’s how Caleb keeps his big teeth so beautiful!

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  12. Yummy! Where’s my second helping?

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  13. That’s got to hurt!

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  14. I knew camels are made to tolerate this. He’s looks like he’s into it though. Ouch!
    I don’t think I was anywhere near the high peak of performance today. I was like a flat tire. Prickly hump day, yes!

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  15. Seems he is relishing it.

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