Source: No Context The Good Place (Ted Danson as “Michael” in The Good Place)


  1. ’tis true.

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  2. Always the same answer! 🙂

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  3. And…BAM.

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  4. Early morning enlightenment, David? ☺
    Good post. 👍

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  5. Well, we all know that, right? It’s always ‘me’…. 🙂
    Dare I say ‘not your most uplifting post’, dear friend! 🙂


  6. Maybe I now need to apologize? Blame it on my un-swiss spontaneity but I just checked quickly on mini-bites on YT and the one available DVD series on Ama UK – and it does seem to be highly amusing, intelligent, and NEW. So I take back the 2nd sentence 😉
    Still, don’t have/don’t want any TV/netflix and therefore won’t be able to participate in any discussion on this subject.

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  7. Truth? there’s no one OUT THERE! …Thanks for the clip of the show…good actress-comedian…

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  8. Naw….the problem is the rest of the world. I get tired of dealing with my faults. It’s the other guy’s fault.

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