It’s Hot Out There!

A contestant takes part in a chile-pepper eating competition in Ningxiang in China’s central Hunan province. The winner of the contest ate 50 chile peppers in one minute. (Agence France-Presse,, July 9, 2018)


  1. I think I need one of those surprise emoji’s with the open eyes and mouth. For that’s how I’d need to live for the rest of my life if I ate even ONE of those things!


  2. I can’t believe it…

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  3. But why?

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  4. Nope, no thank you.


  5. Me loooves spicy, but this is crazy. People can die from this!

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  6. I’m with Ray, why?

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  7. No-o-o! And to lie in that–such pain on skin…eyes?…oh no!

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  8. It’s hot here w/o a single chile lurking about…. 😉

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  9. Don’t want to be him for next week!!!!!


  10. Eat those chili peppers and it will be hot in there too!

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