1. So if you got’em, smoke ’em? Not that I do, though I have.

    And a Lebanese friend attended a wedding in Saudi Arabia where the feast featured camel, and not as the ride for the newlyweds to take across the sand dunes….! Ick! It doesn’t taste like chicken, but I suppose it is similar to horse…)

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  2. Leesburg! We used to go to their parade! And Caleb looks very patriotic.

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  3. camels are such a patriotic lot!

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  4. great photo

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  5. Calebrating diversity.

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  6. That is classic…. a great find.

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  7. My dearest friend … I’m sorry! I can’t share this one! Caleb is wearing the American flag!!
    Not because he’s wearing it … it’s because it’s the American one! Will wait till next Wednesday!! 😦

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  8. Next Wednesday it is Horty….


  9. Yanky Doodle Caleb!

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  10. Christie says:

    Ah, Caleb sporting the Red, White and Blue…great find

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  11. Watch out Caleb. You’re disrespecting the flag and Trump will be tweeting about you. By the way, where were you on Canada Day, hmm?

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  12. [LOL photo] wouldn’t you just know that good ol’ man of the world Caleb would be celebrating everywhere!

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  13. A true Patriot!

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  14. Perfect 😎

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