Kevin Huizenga (via Austin Kleon)


  1. Yes, this is true. But now I need my dictionary for spell check! No autocorrect.

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    • Me too Bill!


    • @Bill – right now my sister in law came to the table with a huge ‘petit Robert’, THE French dictionary. By the time she shoved it in place I had looked up the word on the iPad and told her. It was ‘courrier’… (mail) and as a French mother tongue person she wasn’t sure if the word ha one or two r…. So yes, we’re all guilty of that one.

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  2. True for me…

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  3. Even more human if you use a fountain pen . . it freaks out those too young to have used or even seen them.

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    • @RAY; You just tempt me to search for my fancy fountain pen….. I used to love writing with it but then I found it difficult to find the particular purple ink cartridges I liked to employ. Last week I found a whole pack of said cartridges but have yet to unearth the fountain pen. Life is providing but disorder is preventing me of ‘living it all to the full’…. 😉

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      • Good luck in the search. I have around two dozen pens and only 3-4 use cartridges, the others use a converter or self -enclosed filling system. I like different color inks and Levenger’s Amethyst is one of my go-tos. I hope you find it 🖌

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  4. I think we’d be shocked to know how many young people don’t know how to write except with a keyboard.

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  5. yes, me too. my favorite way to write.

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  6. Me to!!!!!!!! Did I miss your call? Phone turned off for doctor appt., forgot. No problem, you can be just answer questions and send back. I want people to know another side of you. M

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  7. That, and did you know that your creative juices are all the more exploited?

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  8. christinesat says:

    So do I….Sometimes I’ve got this vision: Me, in twenty years from now, sitting in a café, writing into my daily journal. And on the table next to me there’s a little child with its mother whispering into her ear: “Mom, what is this old woman doing?” And Mom will answer: “Kid, it’s called ‘writing’. They used to do it in those old days…”

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