Saturday Forecast

Rain always follows the cattle
sniffing the air and huddling
in fields with their heads to the lee.
You will know that the weather is changing
when your sheep leave the pasture
too slowly, and your dogs lie about
and look tired; when the cat
turns her back to the fire,
washing her face…

~ Ted Kooser, from “How to Foretell a Change in the Weather” in Kindest Regards: New and Selected Poems (Copper Canyon Press, May 8, 2018)


Notes: Photo by AMJ STREETS with Cat Wash


  1. Yup, the animals know.

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  2. the wise ones –

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  3. My crew have burrowed back under the blankets…it’s grey and rainy and time to snuggle in…

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  4. I’m like the animals. I hate going to work on a rainy day. I just want to sit by the window and look out ALL DAY.

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  5. Funny… the day here can’t seem to make up its mind… Yet, to work I shall have to go for 4… sigh…

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    Welcomes Saturday forecast …

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  7. good that some creatures know what’s up! I used to have a beautiful cat (Iris), that my son left with me. She became like a therapy cat–she’d place herself to soothe wherever a client was in distress. Sometimes, she’d just brush her tail against the lower legs–the way dogs often de-stress people. The most memorable was, Iris laid across a woman’s belly while we were doing meditative work–we later found out that my client had pancreatic cancer. What a loving cat!

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