She addresses the cedar

She addresses the cedar, using words of the forest’s first humans. “Long Life Maker. I’m here. Down here.” She feels foolish, at first. But each word is a little easier than the next. “Thank you for the baskets and the boxes. Thank you for the capes and hats and skirts. Thank you for the cradles. The beds. The diapers. Canoes. Paddles, harpoons, and nets. Poles, logs, posts. The rot-proof shakes and shingles. The kindling that will always light.” Each new item is release and relief. Finding no good reason to quit now, she lets the gratitude spill out. “Thank you for the tools. The chests. The decking. The clothes closets. The paneling. I forget. . . . Thank you,” she says, following the ancient formula. “For all these gifts that you have given.” And still not knowing how to stop, she adds, “We’re sorry. We didn’t know how hard it is for you to grow back.”

~ Richard Powers, from “Patricia Westerford” in The Overstory: A Novel (April 3, 2018)



  1. I need a ‘love’ button, please

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  2. Yes! Thank you and we are sorry. 😢

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  3. humble gratitude at its finest.

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  4. Yes.

    “Human beings, so small. And life, so very big.”

    ~ Richard Powers, from “Mimi Ma” in The Overstory: A Novel (W. W. Norton & Company, April 3, 2018)


  5. Thank you for sharing the gratitude Dave.

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  6. Gratitude- it’s the least we can do for the destruction we caused.
    So beautiful, though.

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  7. How wonderful to be moved so deeply by GRATITUDE! Thank you, David,

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  8. thank you

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  9. Only just saw this…. And days after reading of the death of 9/13 baobab trees of up to 2.500 yrs… in a few years!
    There is such a huge dose of daily desaster, sad news, rejected children, idiocity, greed…. makes it hard to keep positive.

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