Saturday Morning

Make some room for yourself, human animal.
Even a dog jostles about on his master’s lap to
improve his position. And when he needs space he
runs forward, without paying attention to commands
or calls.
If you didn’t manage to receive freedom as a gift,
demand it as courageously as bread and meat.
Make some room for yourself, human pride and
The Czech writer Hrabal said:
I have as much freedom as I take.

~ Julia Hartwig, Demand It Courageously, from In Praise of the Unfinished



  1. Anonymous says:

    Male some room indeed.

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  2. Exactly as much as we take. It is there for the taking. Yes!

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  3. Yes, all there for the taking…

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  4. The words – yes, yes, yes – echoing off the walls in my head. And the picture? Distracts me with love

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  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    ‘Julia Hartwig, Demand It Courageously, from In Praise of the Unfinished’ … staying warm!!


  6. it’s one of the things in life that is important to take even if not offered. especially then –

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  7. Anonymous says:

    Human animal – that’s very kind expression. Like accorded to the fragment in Stevie Vai’s track (was it in The Riddle or For the Love of God?).

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  8. It is already there to reach for. I’ll be making room today. Thanks for the inspiration, Dave!

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  9. Bonding?

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  10. With a dog you know where you stand. A good lesson for we human animals. Love that dog and girl, and their ocmfort with each other.

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  11. So true 👍

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  12. Yes. We absolutely must make some room for it…

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