It’s been a long day


  • A mahout bathes his elephant in the river Yamuna in New Delhi, India, on Tuesday. (Adnan Abidi, Reuters,, February, 7, 2018)
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  1. I feel about as energetic as that elephant…

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  2. Looks like pure bliss for that elephant!

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  3. A long bath always helps! 🌈

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  4. oh..great..

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  5. just got out of the bath and read this )

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  6. It truly has been a long day…or two. Just back home from a work trip to D.C. and feel I need a warm bath after experiencing ice and commensurate delays this morning.

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  7. Nothing better than a nice sponge bath to take the edge off….

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  8. I used to hate seeing elephants with their masters, but now I wonder if that’s the only way to save them. This one certainly looks cherished.

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