Sunday Morning

When I found the seal pup alone on the far beach,
not sleeping but looking all around, I didn’t
reason it out, for reason would have sent me away,
I just
went close but not too close, and lay down on the sand
with my back toward it, and
pretty soon it rolled over, and rolled over
until the length of its body lay along
the length of my body, and so we touched, and maybe
our breathing together was some kind of heavenly conversation
in God’s delicate and magnifying language, the one
we don’t dare speak out loud,
not yet.

~ Mary Oliver, from “The Return” in From What Do We Know: Poems And Prose Poems.

Notes: Poem via Words for the YearSeal pup photo by gemma reddington


  1. how compassionate and beautiful –

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  2. Such beautiful words so well composed David and we do the same with our little golden retriever and she loves it and we too. Loved the little otter

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  3. Absolutely enchanted by the vision that Oliver conjures up. There IS a wonderful, non-verbal discourse that we share with animals. When Beau wraps himself around my head at night, tucks his nose in behind my ear and issues a deep sigh that begins at his toes, I’m almost certain I hear a soft “I love you, Mom” issue forth…

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  4. Words…not necessary.

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  5. Obviously, Mary was not wearing a “Land Shark” outfit that day.

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  6. Oh-h what a wonder-full experience! Oh-h, Mary Oliver!, how you manage to take us in where we love being! And, Oh-h, David, thank you for all you share with us! I am reminded of an early morning (daybreak) in Chatham years ago when a friend and I and her grand daughter went down to the edge of the sea, with a light house in the distance,…and all of a sudden we saw a bunch (20-25) seals swimming nearby and “smiling” at us as they raised their heads up and down–what a morning greeting!

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  7. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Sunday Morning … ‘some kind of heavenly conversation’!!

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  8. Wow this is beautiful I love this, 💕🙏🏼

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  9. Another magical experience this year… love barbara x

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  10. How beautiful. Breathable goodness.

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  11. Respect and love… so easy when one doesn’t try too hard.

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  12. Heartbreakingly beautiful (and funny!) The little babe looks as if quietly smiling, but with the mournful look of my dachshund (RIP).

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  13. Beautiful! The wind by the ocean brought this kind of conversation from God to me yesterday, « the one we don’t dare speak out loud ».
    Love this post! Thanks.

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  14. Of all the wonders Mary Oliver offers the world, this one hits home. I once asked a female moose to meet me, nose to nose, and she was willing but as we approached our closeup, my knees gave way and, thanking her, I slowly walked away, feeling her breath and smelling her musky scent. Yikes, my spirit was willing but my body was trying to tell me something. Yet it felt right, turning my back and giving her the advantage for a change. She did me no harm.

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