Sunday Morning: Perhaps, that is enough.

While not a believer himself, Mr. Ruse harbors a great deal of sympathy for those who find ultimate meaning in the universe and their lives through worship. Taking his cue from his own Quaker upbringing, he argues that three things remain deeply satisfying in life, even if philosophically one ends up on the side of Epicurus and his denial of design: family; a life of service to others; and, not surprisingly for a philosopher, the life of the mind. For many people, there is indeed purpose in each of these, and perhaps, Mr. Ruse suggests, that is enough.

~ John Farrell, from his “Review: To What End is All This?” where Farrell reviews ‘On Purpose’ by Michael Ruse


Photo of Dr. Michael Ruse via Strange Notions


  1. yes, perhaps it is. each in his/her own way

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  2. Yet somewhere along the way, we have forgotten gratitude and appreciation for Nature and being a part of it…. Family, Service to Others and Mind may give us a sense of personal meaning, but is not enough for our survival as a race.
    Just saying 😉

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  3. You don’t even have to ask the question, David. Each to their own….. I’m not a quaker, but I’m first of all a Christian and a believer. Then, I have my faith and thanks goodness I have that, because without I don’t know where I could be…. It’s an incomplete message but a beautiful one. I’m also a side-line/part-time/uniniciated/lay/‘hobby’ philosopher as in ‘trying to look at everything in a philosophical way and even w/o the first inkling what a philosopher REALLY knows it helps me in many distressing, upsetting situations.
    Wishing you, with or without faith, a joyful, serene, (no contradiction!) Christmas and many good things in the days/weeks/months to come. Kiki xo

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  4. Perhaps, indeed it is. I like the to each his own part. I may not think/feel like you (the general You, not YOU, you 😉) and that’s ok. Doesn’t mean we can’t all get along….

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  5. I like the way he thinks.

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  6. It always takes faith. Which ever avenue one takes, it is the unseen behind the various views, that one must acknowledge. This is where ‘Faith’ takes over. To be a true Philosopher, a direction giver, one should/must take into account all things and possibilities. Then choose where to hang your hat and place your faith. The key is to know if a known philosopher has taken these steps. In the end, it is still up to each of us to determine what we ultimately place our faith in.

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    • Bill, thank you. Your wonderful insights remind me of:

      Yes, even when I don’t believe— there is a place in me inaccessible to unbelief, a patch of wild grace, a stubborn preserve, impenetrable, pain untouched by the sleeping body, music that builds its nest in silence.”

      ~ Anna Kamienska, from “Lack of Faith”  

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      • David, I found this interesting. After some thought, I find it so true. I remembered this post. Just thought I’d share.

        Fight the good fight of faith.

        Faith is made for conflict. It does not grow without conflict. It does not grow without pressure. You need to use it.

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