Miracle. All of it.

“In this exclusive clip from this Sunday’s Blue Planet II episode, we see Clownfish working together to move a coconut shell, which they will use to lay eggs on. This behaviour has never been filmed before. This is the incredible moment a family of clownfish work together to bring a heavy coconut shell back home. Footage from Blue Planet II shows the fish using all their strength and cunning to move the shell across the ocean floor – – pushing large objects sometimes up to 10 times their own weight – an incredible feat for a tiny fish.  Of course there’s a serious reason for this peculiar behaviour. Clownfish – or anemone fish as they’re also known – need a suitable surface for their mate to lay their eggs on.

The anemone fish is surrounded by danger on the reef but finds refuge among the stinging tentacles of the anemone because it is immune to its poison.

The footage was filmed by producer Jonathan Smith and underwater cameraman Roger Munns using ground-breaking probe cameras. The lenses allowed the team to get right down onto the eye line of the clownfish. In total, the team spent 120 hours filming the fish in order to finally capture their collecting behaviour.”

Source: If you can’t see the video above, find it at Daily Mail.



  1. I love Blue Planet!

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  2. That’s “Real Incredible”

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  3. Interesting how the fish co-mingle. Thank you Eric and DK.

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  4. Now that’s intelligence…
    Just a by the by, David: Who said a goldfish can focus for only 2 seconds..? Surely not these guys. 🙂

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  5. Epic teamwork 🙂

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  6. How wonderous is this! And we think we’re the hot shots!

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  7. Blue Planet…a marvel.

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  8. incredible what happens in the name of creating ‘home’ for their families, starting right at the beginning.

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  9. What an amazing world we live in. If we would all just slow down and appreciate it.

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  10. We could all learn some lessons from these wonderful creatures about teamwork!! 🐠🐠🐠

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  11. wow

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  12. Beyond cool, and made all the more magical when described in David Attenborough’s mellifluous tones….

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