Saturday Morning Market

I am awash with a deep abiding love
For shiny purple eggplants,
Real and rounded in such womanly ways.
I am beside myself with wonder
At the many shapes and hues
Of crook-necked squash and new potatoes,
Earthy red and ochre tan,
Goldfinch yellow and deep summer green.
I am grateful to tears
For fresh beet greens and rhubarb,
Green peppers and Swiss chard,
And for the first vine-ripe tomatoes
That are so perfect you go ahead
And eat one like an apple,
Leaning forward
Without looking
To see if anyone is watching.
I am blessing the names
Of the farmers and bread bakers,
Sunburnt and beautiful,
Freckled and friendly,
Who make change
And comfortable conversation.

This is real abundance
Of the senses and spirit,
A true kind of church,
With its arms open wide
To the eaters and eaten,
The growers and grown,
To all who come looking
For what is common and earthly,
Luminous and lasting,
And to be dumbstruck with wonder
By what we carry back home
In an ordinary basket.

~ Carrie Newcomer, “Saturday Morning Market” in The Beautiful Not Yet: Poems, Essays and Lyrics 




  1. yes, it’s magic, all of it. makes us feel anything is possible.

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  2. Yes, it is THAT good. One of my favorite summertime activities. As Beth says, the bounty makes one feel as though anything is possible….

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  3. Beautiful 🙂

    I’m flying back home today and here are the things I must do to feel home again.
    Steep a pot of tea,
    Water my plants on the kitchen window.
    Brush layla’s hair and braid it for her, kiss her braid, the back of her neck, say a prayer and walk her to school.

    Walk to the market, cook a meal. And I’m home.

    I’m boarding shortly and made my grocery list right before seeing your beautiful post.

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  4. roseanne333 says:

    Sap that I am, this brought tears to my eyes. I could actually feel my heart chakra opening….How I lovelovelove this. So many senses engaged. And now I’ll be on a mission to find more of her work. Happy Saturday, David. 🙏

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  5. So descriptive. The vendors in our local markets are such gentle, humble folk, proud of what they have to offer. When we moved away, I missed them like family.

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  6. Abundance of beauty…her words and the bountiful gifts of the land deliver, nourishment.

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  7. Yes I am blessing these good people too with each mouthful of abundance. 🙏🏻🌿🍀

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  8. I’m going to read this as our Opening Words today in my SoulMatters group. This month we will be exploring Abundance. Thank you for providing the inspiration, DK.

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  9. Soulfood, both the picture and the wonderful poem…..
    And now in the kitchen to feed the body! 🙂

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