…you can’t stand next to this music and not be affected

You need to stick with this to the finish…


  1. Isn’t it rich…
    Isn’t it pure…
    With feet on the ground
    And no clowns to be found.
    No sir.
    Not here.

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  2. Linda Arzoumanian says:

    That was marvelous.

    Linda Arzoumanian lindaa1447@aol.com

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  3. what a wonderful happy surprise

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  4. He makes me cry. This is so beautiful! Bill Murray is said to have a home at The Holler. I can visualize him here.

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  5. Grrrr! Video not available in my country!!

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  6. Perfect.

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  7. Reblogged this on RULE13 Learning and commented:
    He continues to create, to collaborate, to reinvent and to explore. It’s inspiring.

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  8. “The emotions…have a viscosity….” No doubt about it…. Love this, DK!!

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  9. Reblogged this on Bright, shiny objects! and commented:
    If David says the music is good, there is only one thing to do: listen!

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  10. what a treat…he certainly never gives up on what he loves to do! I jusut posted it to Facebook

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  11. I love him. He is a natural man. Thanks for sharing this great clip David!

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