Blue Planet II: Take a Deep Breath.


  1. LOVE.


  2. So, so beautiful.

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  3. wow

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  4. Wonderful!!

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  5. Beautiful. Let’s hope that it not only educates, but that it inspires people to treat the oceans with more respect. Because if it goes, we go. We need the oceans more than they need us.

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  6. Divine. I have nothing but respect and love for this.

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  7. Utterly hypnotizing, and so incredibly important to see…now more than ever. Must. Be. Protected.

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  8. 💙🌎💙🌎

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  9. Hi Uncle David, Just watched this Amazing video! I think my favorite part was when the fluffy starfish just opened up and started eating this orange type ball like an egg yolk) Thanks For Posting This! – Luke Kanigan ( your wrestling partner)

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