Heartbreaking? (No, worse)

This Heartbreakbreaking Photo Reveals a Troubling Reality.  A small estuary seahorse, Hippocampus kuda, drifts in the polluted waters near Sumbawa Besar, Sumbara Island, Indonesia. Photographer Justin Hofman‘s image of a seahorse swimming with a discarded cotton swab illustrates the issues of pollution in our oceans. (Source: NationalGeographic.com, Sept 19, 2017)


  1. Good Morning dear David, I heard that fishes started to eat plastic… This is so sad and yes worse. Thank you, Love, nia

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  2. Lately, I shake my head in despair with such frequency, I think I’m developing a tic. Yet another reason…horrible. What the hell are we doing to the world, each other…
    Good morning, Dave…

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  3. Mimi. I’m with you. It feels like we’re on Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road”.


  4. Something has GOT to change… 😞

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  5. hard to see –

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  6. So very sad.

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  7. Astounding photo, and an effective reminder. What are we doing ???

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  8. I was looking at this last week. If you follow the link the photographer tells how water went down his snorkel, and he got dysentery or something the next day. Thats how polluted the waters are.

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  9. I am in awe of this little seahorse and sickened by the story and why. Thank you for posting this. Our oceans are now dumps. Disgusting.

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  10. Don’t get me started on plastics in the ocean (or anywhere).

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    Sadness abounds!! 😥

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  12. When I first saw this image on FB, I was heartbroken. Our oceans are huge garbage cans. It is so awful..

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  13. There are no words strong enough for this travesty.

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  14. One entity’s trash is another one’s treasure. I wonder what the sea horse has in mind for it?

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  15. ugh thats so sad :(( poor beautiful animal

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  16. It’s a simple image but it speaks volumes.

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  17. It breaks my heart.

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